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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Edmonds Plein Air II

Edmonds Plein Air II - 6x6 - Landscape


Can I toot my horn here? I love this painting. We got into Edmonds late in the day, but the mountains were out and the light was beautiful! I was looking forward to an afternoon of plein air painting. Unfortunately, thanks to all the running around we did to check in, stop by the host gallery, wander around the downtown, I was left with backlit, flat mountains and the rapidly changing light of evening.

All this was forgotten the next day, when the late morning light and some big puffy clouds left shadow patterns across Puget Sound that blew my mind! The colors were soft but powerful, and I did my best to capture that here.

Here's a little snapshot of me and where I set up in Edmonds!

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