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Monday, June 11, 2012

Dayton Paint out with Plein Air Washington

Photo By Melanie Thompson
Grey day outside of Dayton

I had an amazing weekend with Plein Air Washington, painting just outside of Dayton, WA. I met so many amazing painters whose blogs and Daily Paint Works accounts I've long followed. It was a rainy day, no doubt all the artists from the soggy side of the state brought it with them! However, the grey sky made the green landscape pop nicely, and distant hills had a lovely purple cast.

My painting partner for the day, Kathryn Townsend
Kathryn Townsend, seen above, Paula Ensign, and I drove and drove trying to find somewhere out of the wind. No such place seemed to exist, and so Kathryn and I settled for a pull-out looking at a fascinating ridge. Paula drove on, in a quest for a wind-free spot. Later on in the day I was so amazed by their finished paintings, I'm honored to have been able to paint with such talented and hard working artists!

My work in progress

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